When we look for synchronicities we tend to find that there is an overt layer and an esoteric layer to these patterns. Something breaks the surface, like a fin, but the real power is beneath, unseen; a shadow.

One of histories lesser known shadows is the influence of spiritualism upon the women’s suffrage movement.

The Fox Sisters became huge sensations with their communications and knocking séances. What is hard to fathom is how revolutionary their claims and willingness to go public actually were.

Fox_sisters                                                                                        Wiki Images: Fox Sisters

Remember, the last person killed as part of the inquisition was in 1826. The inquisition itself was not officially abolished until 1834. (1.)

Leah Fox was born in 1814. If she had lived in Europe she might have been tried as a witch and been condemned to death.

Of course, the Fox sisters eventually admitted that they created and falsified their spiritual contact but if we judge their influence based on what manifested from it, as opposed to how it was committed, we see that it was in fact an act of great rebellion and influence.

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