Title Hits
Walt Disney and Freemasonry Hits: 20568
Neuroscientists discover a song that reduces anxiety by 65 percent Hits: 14177
Metamaterials Manipulate Light On a Microchip Hits: 13644
“Does The Soul Exist? Evidence Says Yes” – Psychology Today. Hits: 13031
Galactic Geysers Fueled by Star Stuff Hits: 12199
A Ten Dollar Laser Pointer Will Heal Tissue Faster Than Any Medication Hits: 11078
Dopaminergic Hypothesis of ADHD Could be Completely False Hits: 8663
The Zen of Quantum Physics Hits: 8655
Legendary Pre-Flood Civilizations Hits: 8418
Brian Cox: BBC bosses feared alien discovery could breach editorial guidelines Hits: 7296
Fairies, witches, spirits and Shakespeare - a guide to the folklore of the Clydach Gorge Hits: 6395
GOVERNMENT CHIEF'S DEATH BED CONFESSION: 'I was shown inside alien UFO at Area 51' Hits: 6167
From the hills of Abergavenny to the mountains of the Emerald Isle in search of tales of fairy folk Hits: 6141
Mysterious Worlds: Travels to the Faerie and Shamanic Realms Hits: 6136
New science suggests humans can sense the future Hits: 6085
Watch David Icke's 10 hour talk at Wimbley Arena, London Hits: 5834
In Search of the Telepathy Center of the Brain Hits: 5255
One of the most respected scientists of today says he found definitive proof that God exists Hits: 5016
Thoth’s Storm: New Evidence for Ancient Egyptians in Ireland? Hits: 4983
Suffrage, Shadows and Synchronicity Hits: 4877
The Occult Origins of the Jehovah's Witnesses Hits: 4867
Quantum physics proves that death is an illusion Hits: 4758
Scientists offer quantum theory of soul's existence Hits: 4486
Squirrel! Fuzzy Messengers from the Ancient Underworld? The Little-Known Archetype in Mythology Hits: 3968
Mind beyond Mind: Seeking a map to the eternal Hits: 3941
The Search for Evidence of Extraterrestrials Hits: 2891
The Occult Secrets of Vancouver Hits: 2318

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