Unless you have been living under a rock for most of your life, chances are you have heard of the great Jordan Maxwell. It is his fascinating research we have to thank for the widespread knowledge of the Illuminati, secret societies and hidden symbolism. At 75 years of age, he is known as the godfather of conspiracies and has been writing books, lecturing and doing radio shows on occult subjects for over 55 years. Not only was Jordan business partners with the great Zacharia Sitchin, but was solely responsible for bringing David Icke to America. This claim is further substantiated in a letter found on publisher Paul Tice’s Book Tree website.[1] In fact, there is a great video online of Sitchin complimenting Jordan as follows: “It’s the first time I’ve ever been interviewed by someone that knows almost as much as I do!”[2]

That would not be the last time Jordan was in the company of great giants. After hanging around at the Philosophical Research Society in the late 70s, much to his surprise, he inherited the personal research journals of the great Manly P. Hall after he died.[3] It is circumstances like that which make Jordan’s invaluable work highly sought after. Not only did his cutting-edge research inspire the Zeitgeist Series, [4]  which went viral and broke every internet record, but Hollywood insiders have said that movies like National Treasure, and Tom Hank’s character on the Da Vinci Code, were inspired by Jordan.

People always ask me how a 30-something-year-old Canadian writer, obsessed with UFOs and the unknown, became friends with the legendary Jordan Maxwell in Los Angeles. I guess our friendship was meant to be. But I tell them it all started on a warm balmy night in beautiful Puerto Rico. I was lost in a maze of thoughts, walking barefoot down a moon-lit sandy beach, contemplating one of Jordan’s profound lectures that I just listened to on the long flight in. All of a sudden I was overwhelmed with a tremendous feeling that I was supposed to fly out to Los Angeles, interview him and one day help him with something. I was not sure how or when it would happen, so I brushed off the feeling until I arrived back in Vancouver.

When I got home, I requested an interview with Jordan from the contact page of his website and got no reply. A few weeks went by and I sent another email, but still no answer. I was about to give up on the idea altogether, but I just happened to catch him on a radio show where he mentioned that he had been ripped off by his former webmasters and lost control of his websites and email accounts.
Landing in LA
Landing in LA
Welcome to LA
Welcome to LA

Something told me not to give up just yet, as there were many questions I needed to ask Jordan. I told my girlfriend I was planning a trip to Los Angeles so we could visit friends and see attractions there. The real reason, however, was to meet Jordan Maxwell. I mentioned that we would be doing an interview with a famous author, and brought my video camera, notepad and pens. At that time I had not heard a peep from him. Strangely enough, somehow I knew at the back of my mind that we would meet up, so I emailed Jordan one last time before we departed and attached my phone number and arrival time.

That night after picking up a rental car, checking into our hotel and getting all settled in, I was exhausted, and my head hit the pillow hard. Just as I was about to drift off to sleep, my cell phone started buzzing, so I glanced over at the alarm clock and noticed it was just after midnight. I thought to myself, “who could be calling me at this ungodly hour?” I was taken by surprise. When I answered the phone, I heard that all too familiar, yet iconic, voice, “Hello Jonny, this is Jordan Maxwell. How are you?” My heart was racing with excitement, as this was the moment that I had been waiting for when the great master and teacher I had been listening to for all these years was calling. We talked for hours about all sorts of fascinating subjects like theology, UFOs, conspiracies and more. I paced around outside the parking lot in circles, so as not to wake my girlfriend while she slept soundly back in the hotel. I remember him saying, “I’m not the foremost authority on anything, as I’m just an ordinary man in pursuit of extraordinary knowledge.”

Jordan then admonished me about the far-gone state of the world. He revealed that over the years he has been warned by officials, who are fans of his work, not to talk about certain subjects. They told him that his government has no problem with him personally, but that he should be careful what he says about organized religion, because they are the most dangerous gangs on the planet.

Jordan and David
Jordan Maxwell and David Icke
Jordan and Shirley
Jordan Maxwell with his dear friend, Shirley MacLaine
After a fascinating conversation that seemed to last forever, we agreed to meet up at his house the next day. Much to our surprise, after arriving, we had discovered that Jordan was living very humbly in the back of a small but neat little house in a quiet suburban Los Angeles neighborhood. Honestly, it was not what I was expecting, considering how famous he is, who he knows, and where he has been. You would expect him to be living opulently in a sprawling Hollywood mansion with pools and servants, but this place was tiny.  As soon as we pulled up outside his house, he came out to greet us with a warm hug like we were old friends. He was neat and presentable and wore a shirt with a pocket full of pens. Not only was Jordan articulate when he spoke, but radiated scholarly brilliance and intelligence with an incredible vocabulary and sharp, unmatchable wit. Immediately, you could tell he was well read. As anyone will tell you who has ever met him, Jordan can recite historical facts, ancient languages and scriptures with ease, as they just roll off his tongue effortlessly.

He then led us to the back of the house into his tiny but clean room that was no bigger than the size of a broom closet. He had been offered this place to live by a friend after becoming homeless. That is where he kept what was remaining of his life’s work. Jordan explained to us that doing this work has come with a great price. Over the years, he has lost most of his possessions to nefarious business partners and a warehouse fire in Panama, where he lived temporarily. The arsonists responsible for the fire only targeted his locker, which was reason enough for him to return to the States.

In the background of Jordan’s pleasantly cool room, you could hear the buzz of a small air conditioner that was kept on constantly, as it caused a light breeze to lift up the ticky-tack plastered pictures ever-so-slightly that were scattered across his walls. There were portraits everywhere featuring him standing with celebrities like George Lucas, Michael Eisner, Shirley MacLaine, Dan Aykroyd and even royalty.

Jordan’s work has influenced almost every alternative researcher you can think of, paving the road for those that came after him. His friends include Art Bell, George Noory, Stephen Mehler, Joseph P. Farrell, Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan from Project Camelot, Michael Tsarion, Richard Dolan, David Wilcock and many others.
Jordan Maxwell and Dan Akroid<
Jordan Maxwell and Dan Aykroyd
George Noory, Jordan Maxwell and Dr. Leir
George Noory, Jordan Maxwell and Dr. Leir
Next to his bed, there were two large LCD monitors hooked up to a Mac book. Juxtaposed to his computer were stacks of external, 4-Terabyte hard drives. Jordan pulled up several directories on his huge screens revealing research materials he had scanned from libraries around the world and thousands of rare books in PDF format.

On his limited shelf space there were books and notes littered everywhere, but neatly organized, on all sorts of occult subjects such as ancient history, archaeology and theology. You could tell he never stops researching.

I was surprised to learn that musicians like KRS-One, the Wu Tang Clang, Ice Cube and Ice Tea – to name a few – have visited Jordan. [5] They have even sampled his lectures in their music. [6] We saw several photos of him sitting behind the scenes of major blockbuster movies and music videos as a consultant. Shortly after we arrived, a former NASA scientist called, who shall remain unnamed, and Jordan said, “I’ll have to talk to you later. I’m just with my Canadian friends, but I’ll put you on the phone with them if you’d like to say hi.” The whole experience was surreal, as even my girlfriend was shocked to hear about Jordan’s fantastic life. Every time he talked, nothing was boring, and each thing was more interesting than the preceding. He then began to tell us, “The world doesn’t work the way you think it does, and I can prove it to you.”
From left to right: Michael Eisner, George Lucas and Jordan Maxwell
From left to right: Michael Eisner, George Lucas and Jordan Maxwell
Jordan Maxwell behind the scenes of a major Hollywood movie set.
Jordan Maxwell behind the scenes of a major Hollywood movie set
What happened next seemed like pure magic, as we hopped into our comfortable, and yet sporty, Volkswagen Jetta rental car and headed over to Burbank, California. We drove all around Hollywood that evening, as Jordan gave us a personal tour of the famous studio back lots where he has spent decades lecturing Hollywood insiders about the Illuminati, secret societies and forbidden knowledge. He revealed that his work has taken him all over the world and he has been invited to speak at many major Universities across the country. I have heard from multiple sources now that Jordan Maxwell is considered a folk hero around Hollywood. Not only are his lectures passed around at NBC, but often they are played in the background by technicians while assembling movie sets.
Jordan and Natalie standing in front of Warner Bros. Studios
According to Jordan, he gave his first lectures in 1962. He would not become famous, however, until 1980. Then he became known around Hollywood after releasing a ground-breaking video and book called Matrix of Power in 1989, which by the way, came out years before the Wachowski brothers’ movies.[7] After this initial exposure, his phone was ringing off the hook. Jordan regularly tells friends visiting from out-of-town that the name “Hollywood” comes from the ancient druids that made their magic wands out of the wood from a holly tree. And today we still use the term “the magic of Hollywood”.
Jonny and Jordan enjoying the best Italian food on the planet at Monte Carlo’s Deli & Pinocchio’s in Burbank, California.
Jonny and Jordan enjoying the best Italian food on the planet at Monte Carlo’s Deli and Pinocchio’s in Burbank, California
When dinner time rolled around, we headed over to one of Jordan’s favorite hangouts, an Italian spot called Monte Carlo’s Deli & Pinocchio’s Restaurant. This celebrity hotspot was surprisingly very reasonably priced. I would also like to add that they serve the best vegetarian lasagna I have ever tried in my life. After our amazing meal, we ordered gelato ice creams to go. And despite our trying, Jordan insisted on paying for his own bill.

I will never forget that warm, perfect night when the three of us drove into the hills where all the movie stars live. We then got out of the car and walked around next to the Hollywood sign overlooking a breathtaking view of Los Angeles. The city lights were bedazzling, bright and magnificent. Jordan pointed out various landmarks to us. “Look over in the center; that’s LAX; and to the right, that’s Santa Monica!” The stars were not just out on the walk of fame that night, but were twinkling in the crystal clear skies above, as if to give us some sort of celestial sign for our next destination.
Jonny and Jordan standing next to the Hollywood sign overlooking Los Angeles
 Jonny and Jordan visiting Manly P. Hall's Philosophical Research Society
We decided to keep driving, never wanting this incredible night to end. We passed by all sorts of famous landmarks like the Chinese theater, Manly P. Hall’s Philosophical Research Society in Los Feliz and the church where the late, great Dr. Gene Scott gave his sermons in Glendale, whom Jordan praises continually as one of the greatest Christian teachers and profoundly brilliant orators to ever grace modern Christianity.

I will never forget the brilliant talk we had about Mithraism nor the Imperial Sun Cults while filling up at a gas station. This would later become the topic of many of our future discussions, as we are both passionate about theology and world religions. When we all sat down again, Jordan went into great detail about the symbolism on the back of the American one-dollar bill, maritime admiralty law and other fascinating topics. I asked him about his intellectual proclivities and how he became interested in esoteric knowledge. He explained that he has always been fascinated by these topics, but then smiled and said, “Without history, life’s a mystery.” It soon became apparent that Jordan possesses a unique gift in pattern recognition, and you will always learn something new every time you are in his presence.
From left to right: Michael Aquino, Sammy Davis J.R., and Anton Levey.
From left to right: Michael Aquino, Sammy Davis JR and Anton Levey
The tone of our discussion got more serious when I asked him about the seemingly false accusations, made by his detractors that I had read about online. Now, let me start off by saying, I am well aware that when people become famous and gain notoriety, this attracts shills, and trolls.

Over the years, I have read countless bizarre conspiracies circulating the net about Jordan Maxwell and many other famous teachers. For as many brilliant researchers as I have encountered in this field, there are just as many strange and ostentatiously weird types. But I was determine to find out the truth. One video on YouTube claims Jordan Maxwell is actually the famous Satanist, Michael Aquino, and former friend of Sammy Davis JR and Anton Levey.[8] Allegedly, they claim he faked his own death and assumed a new identity. Although there is a slight resemblance in their pictures, this conspiracy is completely untrue and absurd.
Picture that falsely claims Jordan Maxwell is Bill Cooper
Picture that falsely claims Jordan Maxwell is Bill Cooper
A similar rumor has been lurking in the dark recesses of the inter-webs, found on less credible gossip sites, such as Beforeitsnews.com, stating that Bill Cooper faked his own death and re-invented himself as Jordan Maxwell.[9] The same poster even provides nose and forehead comparisons in side-by-side graphic analysis. This same website claims that the comedian Bill Hicks is actually Alex Jones. [10] The other version of this rumor is that Bill Cooper devoted his life’s work to debunking Jordan’s research.

Jordan laughed at these ridiculous rumors and said he had heard them all before, but they are more comical than anything. The truth is that Bill Cooper and Jordan Maxwell were friends and even appeared on shows together.

Nonetheless, that has not stopped fundamentalist Christians like Chris White, a self-admitted former drug dealer and felon turned evangelist, [11] from making ad hominem attacks and citing these pseudo-facts as irrefutable proof. Critics claim Jordan Maxwell is a “devil worshipper” and an atheist, arguing this should be grounds for dismissal of any criticism he has made of organized religion.[12]

As for this distorted view of his work, nothing could be further from the truth. Jordan has always told me that he believes there is a divine presence in the universe and that he lives his life according to the will of the “Great Spirit”. He then reminded me that you cannot hide the truth for long, and quoted his dear friend, and civil rights activist, Dick Gregory, who remarked that “wisdom and brilliance don’t need to be verified by ignorance and stupidity.”

I decided to ask him about the white elephant in the room, “Why does your own website mock you and call you ‘Jordan Messy Maxwell,’ while accepting PayPal donations, sending out newsletters in your name and selling your life’s work, all of which you don’t see a dime for?”

At that moment, Jordan became visibly emotional. I could tell this was a difficult subject for him. With a heavy sigh, his facial expression shifted from sheer excitement, talking about the subjects he loved, to one of bewilderment. He then opened up about the personal hell he has been experiencing over the last 27 years. Much like the other great minds that have gone before him, such as Nikola Tesla[13] and Manly P. Hall, [14] Jordan’s genius had fallen victim to the pernicious machinations of overly ambitious opportunists and criminals who plundered and pillaged his life’s work.
Before Jordan Maxwell’s office was ransacked
After Jordan Maxwell’s office was ransacked
They say the road to success is long and hard, which could not be any truer for the great Jordan Maxwell. On more than one occasion, he gave breaks to people off the street looking for work and allowed them to become his webmaster. Only to discover that each time he gave out his login info, after a short while they tried to steal his website for themselves and change the username and passwords.
Maverick Award 2014

If Jordan is guilty of anything, perhaps it is being overly trusting and too generous. One day after returning home from a speaking tour, Jordan would discover his office had been ransacked. All his clothes, books and personal possessions were gone. His bank accounts were drained and his domains were stolen. Unfortunately, that was not the last time Jordan would suffer a great loss and be left with nothing. After being ousted from a successful publishing company he helped build, Jordan lost the intellectual property rights to his own video series. Around that time, he was also hosting a successful Saturday night radio show on BBCOA in Los Angeles. During that time, Jason Whitney, a young man hired on to do marketing and promotion, who can also be seen on YouTube presenting Jordan with the “2004 Maverick of the year award,” [15] had secured two new sponsors for the show. These sponsors would later prove to be problematic, as they included a “clean-up-your-credit service,” and an advertisement for “international driver’s license permits.” Part of Jordan’s job was to promote these sponsors on each show.

Unbeknownst to him, these two sponsors were involved in nefarious business practices, which would result in an FTC judgement against the BBCOA website and its owner, Vic Varjabedian.[16] Jordan was unfairly named in this judgement for being featured on the website and hosting the show. Later, this entire fiasco would be explained in two detailed letters. One of those letters is by Gus Herrera, who was one of the main three partners of the BBCOA business and website. After doing some digging, I was able to find the author of the second letter. While wishing to remain anonymous, they provided a detailed account of the situation and gave me a copy of the original letter.[17] Not only did these letters clear Jordan’s name, explaining the host had nothing to do with these sponsorship deals, but revealed that Jason Whitney’s negligence was to blame for this entire rotten mess. Years later, Jordan’s detractors would misappropriate these facts in an attempt to smear his name, calling him a “master-defrauder,” and refer to this judgement as some sort of proof that he was untrustworthy.
One of Jordan’s many awards: Maverick Award 2014<
Jordan on the radio
Upon examining all the facts, it could not be any clearer that the BBCOA judgement was caused by the actions of two highly irresponsible people, Jason Whitney and Vic Varjabedian. Jordan Maxwell was only involved because the website was there to promote his work. Unfortunately, the damage is already done, as people will read about this story on some internet blog, or conspiracy forum, and come to their own conclusions without knowing all the facts. Before you know it, rumors start spreading around like they are the Gospel truth; eventually destroying a man’s reputation and his name.
According to Jordan, and legal documents, that is when Josef Dolezal, his father and brother Jakub, of MY MOMENTUM MEDIA, came on the scene and offered to rescue his domains and “help him” by entering an agreement for a 50/50 gross split on web sales that would be paid to Jordan periodically. [18] They claimed such a contract was necessary, as they needed his permission to market his products for him online. There has been some controversy lately on who wrote the contract between both parties, as Josef currently denies his role in its creation. But it should be noted that Josef’s original legal statement clearly indicates that he was the creator of this agreement. At the time of this unlikely partnership, Josef presented himself as a young, ambitious, self-proclaimed webmaster. He opened up about his own struggles on how his family migrated to the United States from the Czech Republic; a place filled with corruption, criminality and, according to a new documentary, modern slavery.[19] Josef himself, however, was born in Minnesota. [20] He told Jordan that he sympathized with his situation and wanted to help, because he is a big fan of his work.

Josef is also the founder of what he affectionately calls “The Pyramid center,” which is nothing more than an abandoned logging property with no running water, and a couple of old trailers, owned by his family in a remote area of the San Bernardino Mountains. He later managed to weasel a “paid endorsement” for this pseudo-retreat-center out of Jordan’s long-time friend, George Noory, in a 2-minute video clip, which can be viewed online.[21]

The 6ft something, medium built, Josef Dolezal stood before a broken-spirited Jordan Maxwell, sanctimoniously grinning from ear to ear with dirty blonde hair and sideburns, greased back into an elastic wrapped pony-tail, rubbing his hands together, eagerly ready to go. At that time, Josef appeared like a knight in shining armor to Jordan.

After the Dolezals were in possession of their contract, the honeymoon period was over. Having Jordan’s login details, they went into the back-end of his website and changed the username, passwords and ownership. They subsequently used the sales agreement to fraudulently copyright volumes of Jordan Maxwell’s videos and books. As of today, MY MOMENTUM MEDIA claims they own the rights to his name and work and have aggressively attempted to enforce their illegal document against him. It is also important to know that Josef rerouted all the emails and PayPal transactions from Jordan’s old site to their accounts. Jordan has received nothing for the past five years. It would appear that Josef also dabbles with identify theft, as he has been known to answer emails as if he was Jordan Maxwell!

Ironically, another Dolezal was just in the news recently for impersonating others for profit. Rachel Dolezal, a Caucasian woman from Spokane, Washington, was exposed by her parents for pretending to be African American for years. She used spray tans, makeup and weaves to look black so she should could hold a position as chapter president of the NAACP, an organization dedicated to African American rights.[22]

After the money started pouring in, the Dolezals showed their true colors. Under the direction of their father, the brothers, Josef and Jakub, insisted on appearing in every video alongside Jordan.[23] They told him privately they wanted to be famous and he was going to help them achieve that. Their company, MY MOMENTUM MEDIA, started claiming all the profits from Jordan’s work for themselves. And they continue to do so, pending on a judgement by the Federal Court against them. According to recently acquired legal documents, showing a subpoena of the Dolezal’s PayPal account, they have cashed out hundreds of thousands of dollars to date in donations and sales from Jordan’s website.

This money has no doubt helped pay for their lavish trips to exotic destinations, [24] as seen online, and funded their legal challenges against Jordan Maxwell.

According to Jordan, when he expressed concern for how he was being treated, Josef’s older brother, Jakub, hissed at him, “Shut up old man, I’m your manager now. We own you. Now get off your lazy ass and go make this family some fucking money!” Jordan said he had never been disrespected like this before in his life. After a while, he claims he was verbally abused and threatened daily with violence, as they attempted to bully and intimidate him into working for nothing. At that time, Jordan was not sleeping or eating and his health was deteriorating. It should be noted that in the State of California, treating a senior person like this is called “financial elder abuse”.[25] That is when Jordan decided to walk away from it all.
Jordan at LA nightclub<
Jordan in the VIP room at LA nightclub
As to be expected, the Dolezals then threatened to ruin his career and did everything in their power to stop him from continuing with his life’s work. If you read their side of the story, posted all over the net as “Jordan Maxwell - Master Defrauder,” they claim they own everything he has ever done, all because they helped him get his domain name back. [26] Let us not forget the extravagant lifestyle to which the Dolezals claim Jordan is indebted to them. After all, they let him sleep in a rundown trailer at the side of their driveway and invited him in for the odd slice of pizza, for which he thanked them profusely. To show his appreciation for having a place to sleep, Jordan donated $16,000.00 worth of rare esoteric books, from the Kessinger Publishing series, to Josef’s Pyramid Center. The books were originally given to Jordan as a gift by a fellow researcher.[27] During those tumultuous times, Josef allegedly invested his “life savings” into taking educational road trips, where he would regularly film “infotainment” videos starring himself and his brother, Jakub, with a guest appearance by none other than, you guessed it, Jordan Maxwell.[28] With such a fortuitous situation as having a famous author appearing in your videos, I would ask the question, who is using whom here? Josef has since jazzed up some exaggerated financial figures on just how much all this “help” was worth. But I would be lying to you if I told you that was the worst part.

Shortly after Jordan’s departure from these “resort-like” conditions, numerous emails were sent out to all his friends entitled “Jordan Maxwell’s confession” showing shaky video footage shot from a covertly setup cellphone camera belonging to the Dolezals. What is not shown in their deceptive video is the part where they asked Jordan questions about a topic unrelated to him, which he then answered by telling a story in the first person. The clip was then cut, taken out of context, and used to portray him negatively.

I find it disturbing that MY MOMENTUM MEDIA is paradoxically promoting Jordan’s work for personal gain while slandering him at the same time in various posts around the net, their legal case and on his own website. This is unlike the guru persona that Josef Dolezal emulates, insisting in his interviews and lengthy posts that he was victimized by Jordan Maxwell. In fact, his actions are indicative of deplorable and vindictive behavior. The last time I checked, Jordan is barely getting by living on cans of soup in a room the size of a shoebox, and they are profiting from his work and destroying his name. So who are the true “master defrauders”?
You can decide for yourself, but every video I found online of Josef and his brother Jakub seemed inauthentic, rehearsed and appeared to regurgitate Jordan Maxwell’s life work in their own limited vocabularies to a lackluster performance with zero charisma.[29]

I leaned over the table in shock at what I was hearing and asked Jordan if he thought they used him as a catalyst to further their careers. He nodded in agreement and told me, “In the Jewish Talmud it says, to put out another man’s candle does not make yours shine any brighter.” If sacrifice is the measure of credibility, as the old saying goes, then Jordan has plenty of that!
Jordan Maxwell’s famous appearances on network television shows over the years
Jordan went on to tell me why he has not been able to speak at conferences or make appearances on radio and TV shows the last few years. As it turns out, the Dolezals were sending out copyright infringement letters as their company, MY MOMENTUM MEDIA, claiming to own his name.[30] Contrary to the Dolezals’ claims, Jordan’s attorneys, which offered to take his case on contingent, out of respect for his work, have clarified that they do not actually own the rights to his name. MY MOMENTUM MEDIA has even threatened legal action against popular alternative media sites like the Alex Jones Show and Red Ice Creations for having Jordan on.

I then brought up with Jordan a curious statement on his website that claims his real name is “Russel Pine,” but friends supposedly call him “Rusty”. I jokingly asked, “Should I call you Rusty?” He answered, “Absolutely not. I’ve never been called that and it’s an insult to me.” In other words, his detractors were trying to say he was getting old and “Rusty”. He then pulled out his wallet to present us with a California State issued driver’s license, which clearly states his name is “Jordan Maxwell”. He went on to tell us that after he became famous doing this work years ago he started receiving death threats for exposing organized religion. So I can understand the logic in wanting to change his name, as most movie stars, musicians and authors do the same thing. But the conversation that followed was a very interesting story on how he got his name and who gave it to him.

It is no secret that when Jordan first started lecturing, he had a variety of people around him that wanted to make a profit from his scholarly wisdom and command of esoteric knowledge. That is where his first two producers came into the picture, Lennart Martinson and Stewart Rubenstein. While filming Matrix of Power, they randomly chose the name “Jordan Maxwell” for him without his knowing. He was surprised to learn of this title when seeing the cover for his video for the first time. After his work went mainstream, the name stuck everywhere he went. Industry friends would later advise him to legally change his name to “Jordan Maxwell” in order to protect his then wife and family.
Jordan Maxwell sitting with Richard Hoagland on one of his many Coast to Coast AM visits.
Jordan sitting with Richard Hoagland on one of his many Coast to Coast AM visits
Dr. Leir, George Noory, Jordan Maxwell.
Dr. Leir, George Noory, Jordan Maxwell

Now that is when fate stepped in to reveal a tremendous destiny on Jordan’s life path. Years later, his name was called into question while appearing on a radio show, where everyone’s favorite evangelical critic, Chris White, called in to confront him. Chris White insinuated that Jordan was a Satanist and Theosophist that got his name from occultist Helena Blavatsky’s work. In her book Isis unveiled, published in 1877, she talks about a man brought to earth by God during end times called “Jordanus Maximus”.[31] According to her prophetic writings, he would uncover the truth about conspiracies, religion and government. That is when Lennart Martinson, the former producer of Jordan’s videos, called Chris White directly, recording the conversation, and told him that he picked the name “Jordan Maxwell” with his partner Stewart Rubenstein. He then went on to say that Jordan had no former knowledge of this.

He also told Chris White that neither he nor his partner had any idea about who Helena Blavatsky was, and if there was any similarity with these names it is awfully interesting.

Over the years, rabbis and other researchers have contacted Jordan privately and asked him if he was aware of the similarity between his name and “Jordanus Maximus”.

This would inspire him to read Helena Blavatsky’s work for himself. He was astonished by her writings and what it meant for his life’s purpose.

It was starting to get late, but I had a few more questions. So I asked him: “After suffering such a defeating blow, what stopped you from capitulating and throwing in the towel?” He seemed rather stoic about it all, and exclaimed, “You can tell the stature of a man by the size of his enemies.”
Jonny Enoch and Jordan Maxwell enjoying a late night discussion about ancient Egypt in his office.
Jonny Enoch and Jordan Maxwell enjoying a late night discussion about ancient Egypt in his office
At the time of writing this article, I have known Jordan for a few years now. So I have a pretty good idea about what kind of person he is. Not only have I flown out to see him on multiple occasions, but we talk at least once a week until the wee hours of the morning. He has been nothing but generous and kind to us. In fact, he has given me countless books and research materials and never asked me for anything in return. I consider him a dear friend, mentor and one of the greatest teachers I have ever known. I have also met his lifelong friends and they have confirmed every detail of his story. Not only do they all call him Jordan, but I have never once heard him answer to the insulting name “Rusty,” which, again, was Josef Dolezal’s way of mocking Jordan Maxwell’s birth name.
Jonny Enoch sitting under Jordan Maxwell’s famous picture at the Little Ale’Inn near Area 51 in Rachel, Nevada
Jonny Enoch sitting under Jordan Maxwell’s famous picture at the Little Ale’Inn near Area 51 in Rachel, Nevada
After hearing Jordan talk about the enormous personal sacrifices he has had to make over the years, I asked him, what, if any, are the good parts about doing this work? He told me the greatest rewards he has ever known is the overall positive feedback he gets everywhere he goes. He also told me he has had the privilege of being in the presence of extraordinary people. Jordan then piqued my curiosity when he told me throughout his life he has had 38 peak supernatural experiences. In fact, he has encountered ETs on more than one occasion. You can hear about one of those encounters in a discussion we had about Area 51.[32]

Late night visit
My favorite story, however, will always be the one where Jordan recounts how he met his ET girlfriend. That encounter began when he left his parent’s home in Pensacola, Florida at 19 years of age, broke and penny-less and Los Angeles bound. Jordan would end up sleeping in dumpsters in North Hollywood until he found work almost immediately at a sign shop.

That is when Jordan met a very special girlfriend. After a short rendezvous, she would insist on introducing him to her father. This mysterious man would reveal that he knew everything about Jordan’s life, even his private thoughts, and could inaudibly call UFOs from his backyard. He then explained that they brought Jordan to Los Angeles and one day he was going to do something great, but not until the end of this life.

Her father would then start Jordan off on his journey by handing him a book called The Complete works of Charles Fort. This book was full of historically documented cases about encounters with UFOs, strange events and the unknown. Shortly after this encounter, his girlfriend’s family would move away and disappear overnight, never to be seen again. This encounter left Jordan with unanswered questions for the rest of his life.[33]

Regardless of everything Jordan has been through, his ground-breaking research continues to be in demand all over the world. In fact, it is just as important today as it was 55 years ago. He has also started doing podcasts again from his official site, www.jordanmaxwellshow.com. But he needs your support, as donations keep this work going. Jordan told me that he has not even begun to reveal the really good stuff yet, as he has been holding back for years until the time was right. He has also been busy filming new lectures for Jordan Maxwell Videos.

One thing that Jordan is doing differently nowadays is releasing all his work exclusively from a private research society. If you would like to join, please go here: https://jordanmaxwellresearch.is/.
Jordan Maxwell autographing books at his desk on a recent visit
In closing, when I was first asked to write this article by Lorenzo at the New Agora magazine, I thought to myself what a wonderful opportunity to show the world what Jordan Maxwell is really like. After my exhaustive investigative research, spending hours pouring through frivolous legal claims, fact-checking disinformation put out on the web by detractors and interviewing his long-time friends, it did not take long for me to see the real story here. I was relieved to discover that Jordan Maxwell was exactly who he says he is, a genuine, sincere and caring man that has dedicated his whole life to the pursuit of hidden knowledge; despite paying the cost with undeniable persecution and tremendous personal sacrifices.

Perhaps writing this article is that favor I felt I owed Jordan one day in exchange for all the knowledge I have gained from him. More importantly, I wanted to pay tribute to an extraordinary man for whom I have tremendous respect. He has inspired me and dedicated his life to spreading knowledge and wisdom with the world. As the old saying goes, “We must build on the shoulders of the great giants that came before us.” That is why I admire the tenacity and dedication of great giants in the alternative research field, like my dear friend Jordan Maxwell – both the ones that came before him and the ones that inevitably will come after.



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