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MEDITATION - audio MP3 available here

Be One with the Current of Change

One day, this Strong feeling emerged from within. I could not "think" it away and I could not in any logical way get rid of it. I tried to be with it, by allowing it, and it became even stronger, and suddenly my heart knew what to do, to simply take deep breaths, focusing on the in and out breath, through the nose.

This simple act changed everything. It changed my "energy" and my inner pressure was released. We are such powerful beings and a lot of our "feelings" get stuck in our bodies due to "shallow" breathing.

There is a Strong Current of Intense Light Sweeping through our Hearts and Our planet. It’s like the most powerful water current you could imagine. Just imagine yourself trying to stop this natural current or trying to change the direction of this powerful current towards anything you believe is right.

Allow yourself to be swept away by this inner current of Love, which is to be found within your heart. Don´t try to stop it. You have to let go and surrender to your heart, some will be concerned that surrendering to their heart current could disappoint people in their outer reality, because they may think they have a responsibility to change the world. When you become one with this natural Love current, you will synchronisticly be of service to others within your life. This current is flowing through all hearts on this planet and connects everyone.

The truth is that you will feel drained, and feel a lot of resistance within yourself if you don’t trust this strong current within you. You cannot change a "waterfall" to flow "upwards", but you can allow it to fall as it is. The Inner Love current is an energy of joy and you only have to "go with it" as you say, allowing yourself to understand that it’s a choice, you either create resistance to what is, or you Allow it. This is peace at its core. This is so simple that most people aren’t ready to hear or accept it.

The world will change. I can compare this way: Do we need to change Winter into Spring? Of course not, because it’s a natural process, a mirroring of the microcosm in a macro-cosmic cycle. This is hard for the Mind to accept, due to its programmed beliefs to “do” things, and to not "surrender" into a Higher energy of Love and Trust. The Belief that we have control over events is also an illusion, because you cannot control Love. Love is creating through us, with intent beyond right and wrong.

This current of Highly charged Light energy is bringing up a lot of issues that need to be healed and forgiven. So all the chaos and negativity we see around us now is just a "phase" of this transition. It’s nothing to be fearful of. You will come to understand that all of these old and limited beliefs hindered you from Allowing you to Let go and become one with the current of Love. You will stop trying, and just BE in this world and Enjoy the Shift.

All people have their personal inner journeys. We can see that but we cannot really interfere with peoples life-paths. We can extend a loving energy of Hope and project our Unconditional love to these people. We cannot tell them that they are creating their lives and circumstances, because all people aren’t ready to hear that.

It All Comes Down To Self Love

Because the hardest lesson for us, is that we all create our lives and that there are no victims. People who read this, may doubt this. People don’t have their life experiences by accident or by coincidence. Some people go through very tough "Life-lessons", some even choose to transmute "collective karma" that was not theirs, because they are Great Beings of Love, who choose this. So we cannot judge anyone or anything.
We will share and care from the depths of our hearts, because it’s natural, Love is natural and cares for everyone. We are individual parts of the puzzle and everyone is doing their part like in a Synchronized dance.

It all comes down to self Love. When we love our self fully we will just do what feels best, without being approved by someone else. When we are in our hearts, we will simply know what is best for us. THERE ARE NO JUDGEMENTS IN LOVE, LOVE IS ACCEPTANCE AND FORGIVENESS.

Our minds and thoughts cannot translate what is truth, only our hearts can Feel that all IS LOVE and embrace everything as ONE. Duality is like chasing your own tail, and it has its purpose. When you stop chasing the truth, you will Be one with Life.

The Breath Will Help You To "Levitate" Into A Higher State of Consciousness

Since I’ve started to breathe consciously I’ve felt a lot more Connected to my heart and in harmony with the dance of synchronicity. You can allow yourself to be one with this Strong current that will "push" you gently to "be swept away", allowing and Surrendering to what is. This will not be true for all but it’s my greatest "personal tool" for Transformation & Transmutation.

The breath is connected to Everything, it brings about a domino effect. It will Ground your being into the earth. It will affect your Blood and your organs, which in turn will affect your energy field or aura, which in turn will invite "higher" thought forms that you couldn’t access before. Just by following your breath you activate all of these "processes", that’s why all masters have said to meditate on your breath, because from there, everything follows in a chain reaction. The Now moment is all that matters, it’s like you are breathing yourself out of illusion and into self-realization.

The breath will help you to "levitate" into a higher state of consciousness. It’s when we have the so called Shallow breathing that our energy "stagnates" and we feel locked or limited. The simplicity of the breath will actually be "overlooked" by the mind. Is it really possible to BE THE HIGHEST VISION of yourself only by breathing, yes from my point of view, it is so simple. Spirituality and Ascension has been interpreted by the mind as something "complex".

This is the time when we have to let go of the so called "Spiritual-mind" of how things should unfold, and what is truth and what is not truth. We can be in this world, but it’s not something that we have to change because something is wrong. We have to understand that we cannot follow anyone else, because we will all have different values and inner priorities. So you have to get used to walking and creating your own path, without forcing it on anyone else. The most difficult process in this transformation of inner consciousness, is to let go of what other people think about you and know that you are your own "authority" and that there are no victims.

To say to a person who is suffering that she or he has created it themselves, is not something that a person wants to hear, but we will all come to this realization within this lifetime. No one else is to blame and there is no one else to Judge. When you feel or see something that makes you feel a discord within you, know that it’s not the other persons fault, it’s something within you that is a part of you that you don’t want to acknowledge. See this as a golden opportunity to heal it, by observing it and forgiving it. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. And if you judge others, you can expect to get that mirrored back to you. When you start to Embrace all of your discordant tones within yourself and fine-tune them into harmonious melodies. But as always, people have their egos and their agendas, and people will not "understand" these simple truths just because someone writes or speaks about them, it will come to them from within ....

The Inner Journey of Ascension

The Ascension is an Inner journey that is "reflected" in the world around us. It’s like an upward Spiral, you move through that changes your perspective of the world. So Yes change comes from within. You don't change in that sense, as we may believe. We are more realizing that All things are WITHIN and that there is no "OUT THERE". We ascend into higher energies of Light vibration that connects us with the Total and Eternal NOW. The strong current of Light will make your "personality" feel as its not possible to plan anything, and this is true, because all Possibilities and realities are collapsing into the Moment of Now. You aren't dependent on any future plans because you will Live your Future Now.

We will become more and more aware of our own energy field, and understand what drains us and what uplifts us. As a human being you have to learn to take care of your energy and nurture yourself by Loving yourself. People cannot take energy from you, if you stand in your heart integrity. By Breathing you can balance and ground your Being. We are all responsible for managing our own energy field in a mature way. Every interaction you have with a human being will effect your Aura or energy field. Be Awake and alert to your inner senses. Have the integrity to say NO from your heart, even if it does not please anyone. Love is about being honest to yourself and others.

True Knowledge is within the heart, which embraces all possibilities, without fear and Trusts the Synchronicity of Creation. A master only needs to KNOW what is NOW, the rest is irrelevant.

When you breathe consciously and follow the rhythm of the in breath and the out breath you consciously connect to the Spheres of Knowledge and wisdom, without your "day to day thoughts". If you start to "practice" conscious breathing you will notice that your "body feels more alive" and you have more energy. You will also notice that Thoughts and Feelings will become more balanced. Even ideas will pop up within you that you couldn't have received before, due to your "limited flow of Energy".

Some will think that this is too simple to be true. But its up to our own inner being to choose how we want to Be and what we want to create in this Life. If we want to complicate things, or Simplify things. There are no right or wrong paths, there are only Individual interpretations of The inner path. So have compassion for each other.

Its not about thinking your way out of your feelings, or trying to Embrace your feelings with another feeling. The simplest way is to Breathe your way through it. Take long deep breaths, and hold the in-breath for a few seconds before you exhale. You will get better and better at this. The breath is like filling a balloon with helium, and you are that balloon. You will lift towards the "skies" and see the world from a different perspective, you will feel more light in your heart and be able to embrace duality for what it is. Many masters who have walked this earth, did teach about the breath and its purpose. To only focus on the breath going in and out of your nostrils will give your Feelings and Thoughts space to integrate your I AM presence within your body. Breathing is the "doorway" to your higher self.

The Logical mind and thought patterns will not Give you any truth, your feelings may sometimes stem from fear. Doing a 15 minute breathing exercise will help your body to Elevate your Feelings into a higher vibration, and your thoughts will be cleared, due to the "oxygen" within your body that is bringing you back to the "zero" point, which is a very blissful emotional state of being. Within this state of Pure awareness, new thoughts will come and knock at your door that you never would have received with your "shallow" breathing. When we resist WHAT IS, we will suffer, when we Accept WHAT IS we will feel Freedom.

Its like when a Woman is giving birth, the only thing she focuses on is the "moment" and no thoughts are there, its just total Focus on the Body and the forces of nature, which cannot be stopped, Surrendering to the Moment and breathing is crucial. We have all heard about the basic breathing techniques when giving birth... The breath will help you to Allow What IS within the moment. Its very simple but many do not practice Conscious breathing, its a Powerful "secret", so simple it’s almost forgotten. If someone stated that we could breathe ourselves into "bliss", most would just look strangely at them, because they don’t understand how much power the breath holds.

We've heard about the in breath and out breath of god, and you are that Divine truth here and now.

People will think this is too easy, so simple that most people will want to "complicate" it a little bit to feel comfortable. The whole universe is breathing. We can inhale to a certain degree, but then our bodies have to let go by doing an out breath, This is a natural cycle, which is also a part of creation and mother earth. We have to Flow with the rhythm of the breath. We cannot hold onto Energies, we also have to let it go. Everything is in motion.

This Is The Time of Being Bold and True To Yourself

When you are at the "peak" of your awakening you may feel that nothing has changed, that everything is the same and feels the same. And Spiritual awakening is about Realizing that you have always been GOD playing in a limited "consciousness". There was nothing wrong with your way of being and your expression, but now you see everything from a higher vantage point, you understand that EVERYTHING IS and you cannot change what IS. Change is an illusion, because change comes from within, from a state of being the change. You cannot become what you already are, You can only BE what you want to become. This is a part of 3-D illusion, to chase your tail as you say, in circles. Everything follows a Cosmic Rhythm, our hearts are connected to the Higher universal heartbeat. We all do have a choice, some will choose to Play the fear "game" and some will play the love "game". And some will step out of duality and see Love and Fear as Loving partners, an integral part of creation. Planet Earth is a School of consciousness.

Things are not always what they seem to be, a lot of people are calling other people dark, but its only a "projection" of our inner selves, that needs to be looked at and Loved. Like I said in one of my videos, its like "lost children" standing in dark corners in a room, and we "don't" want to see them or love them, but when we see and love them and take these "children" to our heart, without fear, we will understand that It was just "old emotions" that needed to be healed and released. When we stand in our authenticity and inner truth, and aren't dependent on what other people think of us, we Bring back the power to Our "Solar Plexus".

Many will be offended by this Strong presence of Love and Will "throw" all they ever could on you, which is not yours, its like you are a catalyst for Them to "Clear themselves". They project their inner "beliefs" at you, which are not yours, but out of love, you will BE there, in the midst of the storm, and say silently from your heart "I'm sorry you feel this way, I love you and forgive you". People may feel even more offended due to your "non-reactive" way of being, because they are so "emotionally charged". I’ve been there myself, and its not easy, but each time it happens, you get better and better at it. You know that all the drama you see around you is within you, so you have to "be an Example" of how to be in the midst of dramas, but not of it. Doing this will create ripples through time and space because you are "nullifying" the emotional energy, which in turns changes the so called "future". People can Judge you for who you are, but in the end you are Your OWN Judge.

This is the Time of Being Bold and True to yourself. Stepping on "toes" will be everyday life, because you will "bring" forth "buried" feelings within ALL SOULS. Some may even call you dark, because you are so much Light, its not about You! We cant hide from anyone, We cant pretend to say the Right words, or try to be perfect. WE SIMPLY ARE TRUE TO OUR SELF and its our Path. We truly know that Light and dark Dances together hand in hand, duality is an illusion, Love IS. People feel confused due to the Illusion of separation.

Love is the TRUE REALITY! Let your heart Be Free and Know that you aren't dependent on what other people think about you, take your power back and Forgive. We are mirrors for each-other. All reflections come from you! The illusion, truly is, that you can never be a Victim of outer circumstances, but it may look like it is...This is the "Veil" of separation. That's why its important to "Be honest to yourself and forgive yourself". Because it’s all a part of you. The "BLAME GAME" is an illusion.

We are in those times where choice is everything, moment to moment. Do I choose to fear the changes within my life or do I choose to Love and welcome the changes into my life?

Enlightenment is not to say the right words, by trying to be perfect or trying to "change" anyone for the better. It’s so much more than that. It’s a state of accepting yourself exactly as you are, without fear of what people will think about you. This is a "day to day" practice, because we all have patterns that need to be released. We will be more and more inspired to do what we enjoy in our lives, no matter what people think. Remember you have to respect and forgive people around you, because you have to allow other people be exactly as they are, but that doesn't mean you have to "Agree" with them, because we all create our own "personal" experiences and perspectives here on earth.

People will Push your buttons as you say, but what if you had no buttons that others could push? You are responsible for your Re-Actions, this can be summed up as self-mastery. Some think it’s unachievable or out of reach, but its there as a choice in every moment. Do we re-act in fear or act from Love? Claiming your divinity, to be your authentic self, is your "mission".

Simplicity Will Take Over Your Life

People get caught up in each others perspectives and loose themselves within these dramas and take things to heart which isn't theirs to "carry". You will get better and better at understanding where your power comes from, and be able to hold it as a vibrational intent. You will be an expert as you say, in nullifying dramas, because your presence is in a state of non-duality which "dramas" cannot survive in. No one can take the power away from you, it feels like you have no power due to the belief that you are dependent on someone out there. The only thing you can depend on is your "over soul" which is connected to the "one omnipresent source". Don't take things personal, your personality is like wearing a mask at a masquerade, it’s beautiful. But it’s not who you truly are. We all came to this earth, fully knowing that we would be playing different roles, serving different purposes. We don't have to agree with each other, but we can agree that we don't have to agree.

Simplicity will take over your life, because you will enjoy the simple things, and expectations will not be able to ruin your "life". You will feel more and more connected to your "higher self" which is coming closer and closer to you. Trust and synchronicity will not just be beliefs any more, they will be the energies you will embrace as a natural part of life. Ascension is like building your own temple within yourself, from your own deepest heart desires, no matter what is happening on the outside.

This is what is the most difficult for some in their awakening, because we think we have to "change" the world. Yes you can, but not by forcing it on anyone, you can just begin with yourself. Put into practice everything you want to see in this life, don't expect anyone else to change. Everyone is here on earth for different reasons and people will not be going to the same destinations. Some will not feel any gravitation to Evolve or to know "higher truths" and it’s ok, because we all feel within us what is right in every moment. There is not any judgement towards what we want to Experience.

Yes, you could call the earth experience a grand experiment from a higher perspective, because we have experienced the most highs and lows possible throughout thousands of years. Planet Earth can be likened to a grand School for Duality Consciousness, and its graduation time. Everything, since the birth of this planet has been "recorded" and will be available to all of creation as an "Example".

I’ve come to the point, that I don't really feel I have to change anyone or anything for the better, everything is "rising" in energy by itself and we can choose to Dance with these energies or create resistance to what IS. Its is by Letting Go of Love that we will BE LOVE.

Malama pono,
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