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TOPIC: The Philosophy of Nothing

The Philosophy of Nothing 5 years 10 months ago #83

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The following is from a friend on a different forum. I asked and received permission to post this here. I will first post the question he originally asked in the tread he posted. Then I will post some of his and my own responses after this community has responded. Just to clarify. These may or may not agree with my views. I just thought these posts would be good for discussion.

"I never really get philosophical ideas about life and meaning or anything. I always get mathematical and scientific thoughts at a much faster rate during my research with psychedelics. Though, I do ponder how people can make objective judgment of how everything works, and have logical/rational explanations whenever our intelligence is actually limited based on our perceptions. Even the best of our science requires non biased instrument and data that is taken in by subject views (people) though. I think of how we are not really equipped to understand the basic mechanics of the universe or the fundamental ingredient of the universe or the purpose of life. When I really get into my head, I start to ponder, how is it that a simple RC can so alter our perception that we take on a new thought about reality, perception, purpose and thought. The simple answer would seem that we are a series of neurological and chemical reactions, hence why another chemical can alter us so much, but when it come down to it, I guess I do have a philosophy. The philosophy that nothing is really known for certain and that only through empiricism could anything be proven, but we are subjective and not empiric thus making any information we intake, have a little bit of a twist for everyone."
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