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TOPIC: Existence and the Loss of Innocence

Existence and the Loss of Innocence 5 years 7 months ago #82

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The following is from a friend on a different forum. I asked and received permission to post this here. I will first post the question he originally asked in the tread he posted. Then I will post some of his and my own responses after this community has responded. Just to clarify. These may or may not agree with my views. I just thought these posts would be good for discussion.

"Just a few days ago, I was marveling about just existing and how amazing that is in of itself is. That fact that we, humans, can exist in such a surrealistic (if you take the time to truly notice nature) world with the sapience to try to figure out it's laws analytically, and yet enjoy it's pleasures aesthetically and emotionally. Then this got me to think, why is it so often that the little things tend to stress out people, and that our beautiful world became corrupted with societies based on greed and oppression? What happened to the awe that just came natural to all of us as children? Why is part of becoming an adult losing the appreciation for the "magic" of everything around us and instead forcing us to closing our minds into a box and just focusing on mundane of everyday life without stopping to ponder about how much of a privilege it is to just exist, let alone explore the world around us. We once viewed the world as an amazing place of limitless possibilities, but as time goes by, it is viewed more as a struggle to survive in the corrupted system. When did this change occur? Where did our hope that it turned into cynicism and dread?

Just some thoughts I have been wrestling with for a while now, but really started to think about this past week."
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