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TOPIC: Can a substance affect time and aging?

Can a substance affect time and aging? 5 years 8 months ago #65

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Not sure if this is the correct category to but this in...

If time is relative to an individual, can a substance such as MXE or really any substance that can make time crawl or speed up have an effect on the aging process?

I am wondering, anyone who has done MXE or really any dissociative or certain psychedelics know that time is relative to the individual. A single moment can feel like it takes years to pass. I have experienced years worth of thoughts within a single moment. My girlfriend and I are only 6 months different in age, but when we have discussions we both agree that it feels like I am quite a number of years older than her. I also have a ton more experience with most substances and many other things of that nature. I am wondering if my experience could have a physical or mental effect on me relative to the way I experience time passing. I have had experiences where I even saw the seasons changing and many lifetimes passed before my eyes.

It could very well just be that I have more life experiences so it just feels like I am older. I just like to look at every possibility even if it seems absurd.
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