Jonny Enoch travels across Ireland and England to ask experts about the origin of the druids, and who built the great megalithic henges? Our journey begins in Ireland by following David Halpin, a writer and researcher for Ancient Origins magazine, into the hills of Wicklow to see Castleruddery circle. Then we met up with Julie, a British historian and megalithic expert, at Stonehenge on the Salisbury plain in Amesbury, England, where we discussed the druids, neolithic monuments around the UK and more.

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Jonny then examined druidic artifacts found at the ring of Kerry. While driving around, we also discovered a hidden stone circle in a nearby farmer's field. Other highlights include an enlightening conversation with Thomas Coyne, a Celtic lore and Ogham expert, at the Poulnabrone burial tomb in Dolmen, County Clare. Finally, we wandered into the bookstore at the Hill of Tara to speak with Moros about ancient Irish history and the druids. All that and more in this exciting adventure!

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