The Healing Power of Nature

Adventures out of the body

Source TV ChannelsExploring Conciousness & The Multiverse

  • Interviews and candid talks with authors, contactees, researchers, and whistle blowers.
  • Join us on cosmic adventures exploring expos, temples, universities,  haunted houses, and more!
  • Cosmology, DNA, string theory, multiverse, star systems, planetary, m-theory, extraterrestrials, matrix, simulation theory, the mysteries of the unknown.
  • Videos about quantum physics, consciousness, the human soul, the coming singularity, the shift, string theory, the mind, near death experiences,
  • In this area you will hear Jonny Enoch's rants, ideas, interviews, and more.
  • Exploring psychedelic spirituality in ancient cultures, shamanism, psilocybin mushrooms, Terrence McKenna, the art of Alex Grey, DMT, pineal gland, and more.
  • Metaphysical instruction videos that explore such topics such as astral projection, telepathy, past lives, spirit sex, seeing auras, etc..
  • Videos dedicated to holistic health, meditation, healing, herbs, natural medicine, cures, chakras, sound, vibrational therapy, merkaba field, etc

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